Talent On Parade - April 28-30
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Talent On Parade - April 28-30

Date: Apr 28 - Apr 30, 2023

For more info please visit the website below:

Talent On Parade started as a hobby for us. Something for us to have fun with on the weekends. We never imagined how having so much fun would lead to where we are today. From the beginning we knew we wanted to create something special. Fair and ethical competition was a must. On-time events would be essential. Emphasis on fun, learning and development must also be paramount. Turns out, a whole lot of people decided to join us in this pursuit of happiness, and 25 years later Talent On Parade has become a source for changing lives for the better through its many programs. Although traditional dance competition is our foundation, we are so much more than that now. Talent On Parade is a year around dance education, performance, and training company. We host dance competitions in the first half of the year, dance camps in the summer, workshops in the fall, and specialty events throughout. We continue to love what we do and hope that it shows. Something that has been reinforced for us over the years is the importance of working with good people.Talent On Parade is the sum of its people and we couldn’t be more proud of the staff we’ve assembled. We believe you’ll find them to be honest, friendly, and professional. You should also find that they truly care about your kids as they encourage success for them, both in the present and in the future. For more about who we are, what we believe, and where we come from we encourage you to read through the many blogs posted on our site. Some of them are a bit dated by now, but the concepts remain true over time. To those of you who have shared in this journey, thank you. To those of you considering joining us we say welcome!

Thanks for visiting us on the web. We hope to get to meet you in person as well!


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